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Tanks - Modern Warfare and War Thunder


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Watch for fun - Watch to learn. See Tanks in combat in the best most realistic game out so far. Like watching a WW2 movie without that sappy love story or unrealistic tanks. And learn to play the game better. I'll be doing lessons starting at the first level and covering a few nations and 100s of tanks. My personal knowledge will come into play as well as I explain real life advantages and weaknesses while showing how they work in game. Live play with other players will be shown along with stills and some fails and wins. Those are my model tanks in pics when not a screenshot, built from age 14 to present. Thanks for watching :)

I post on ALT Media ONLY I no longer post on YT. My fans and supporters matter on alt media and I support all the alt media channels! Watch controversial creators who push the limit and are censored on YouTube - On YouTube. Remembering to please sub and let them know they have an audience here if they are banned on YT or other platforms. Watch your gaming, music and fun stuff on alt channels like Bitchute, Odysee, Rumble, UGETube, Brighteon and many others. I never edit for content or censor, we are adults here and I will treat you like an adult. There is only Free Speech! Any other kind has no meaning, only to be studied as propaganda or lost as static noise. Support ALL the Creators and Gamers  on alt media in every way you can. We greatly appreciate your time and funding.

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The car channel to save the automobile  


 Link to RDRIVER vids: Coming Soon


































Whether you support my vision and leadership for America or my ideas to improve the quality of life everywhere, I need your support to reach more people, and that costs money. Please consider a contribution of any amount to support my work. You are also supporting Common Sense politics and an Independent candidates. Stop the division and stagnation party politics have become. Support the future! I pledge that 90% of all contributions will go directly to outreach and growth of both the quantity and quality of my content.














There is no better way to connect with your fellow neighbors than to Volunteer. You will meet all kinds of incredible people who make up America and hear first hand what others experience living and working here.This is the purpose of the Common Sense movement!

 There is a bright future ahead! Or..A very dark one - The choice is ours


Its time all across America for the millions of Independent voters to unite with both Patriotic Republicans and Dispossed Democrats who have long been at odds with the party system. This is the movement to bring non political thinking people into a broken system and clean it from the top down and bottom up. The time has come to see we have short sighted bad government that month by month falls further from serving us, protecting us and doing what we wanted it to do over 200yrs ago. Time to stop keeping up the façade that everything is OK, Its not, You can make believe it is, but stay tuned here for all the reasons, with pictures, references, solutions included. This site will grow fast over the next few weeks. You will see solutions NOT politics. Ideas that work, because they have worked for 1000s of years. You will find no nonsense or the discussion of it. You will see how we can get to where our founders thought we could be. CHANGE IS GOOD! But Change needs to be a balance of Old ideas that work and New that are proven better.

Yes, I am still in the running for President 2024. But lets be real, Its about being drafted and broad public support. Which must be built here and on other platforms and in the real world. Whatever happens in 2024 - I'm here. And ready to serve my Country and my people.