Dean Gilbert






Thought for the week or MEME Space



We face many changes and challenges ahead. The high taxes,  lack of senior and mental health services, poor roadways, little accountability for politicians, and out of control spending all affect our quality of life every day. You have been telling me things seem broken or worse here year by year. And I agree! How with so many good people is this happening?



Whether you support my vision and leadership for America or my Ideas to improve the quality of life everywhere, I need your support to reach more people and that costs money. Please consider a contribution of any amount to support my work. You are also supporting Common Sense politics and an Independent candidates. Stop the division and stagnation party politics have become. Support the future!



 I have spent my adult life studying politics and political history, seeing the process of representation be eroded in favor of backroom decisions rife with cronyism and conflicts of interest. I have owned businesses and had jobs that connected face to face with 1000’s of everyday people to learn on the ground what we had to say as a country.A career as a pollster also serves me well in repairing what is broken in government.



There is no better way to connect with your fellow neighbors than to Volunteer. You will meet all kinds of incredible people who make up America and hear first hand what others experience living and working here.This is the purpose of the Common Sense movement!

 There is a bright future ahead! 


Its time all across America for the millions of Independent voters to unite with both Republicans and Democrats who have long been at odds with the party system. This is the movement to bring non political thinking people into a broken system and clean it from the top down and bottom up. The time has come to see we have short sighted bad government that month by month falls further from serving us, protecting us and doing what we wanted it to do over 200yrs ago. Time to stop keeping up the façade that everything is OK, Its not, You can make believe it is, but stay tuned here for all the reasons, with pictures, references, solutions included. This site will grow fast over the next few weeks. You will see solutions NOT politics. Ideas that work, because they have worked for 1000s of years. You will find no nonsense or the discussion of it. You will see how we can get to where our founders thought we could be. CHANGE IS GOOD! But Change needs to be a balance of Old ideas that work and New that are proven better.

You are currently looking at the remains of my sight from a prior election; This will be changing soon also. Now it serves as a place holder. My writing, speeches and vids also on the way. Right now you want to know what I believe and how I got here. I look forward to sharing a lot about my path to here.