A beautiful life in AMERICA

A magical place to grow up

  I grew up in upstate New York, Small town living at its best. My first jobs helping out at local farms and garages gave me many "hands on" skills. At 23, I owned my own Service Station. As I learned the automotive trade, And before starting my own bussiness, I traveled the country for the first time as a nuclear reactor core inspector. Each step in my life has been a learning experience to understand business, politics, and  helping people. I have always had a knack to find what is broken and know how to fix it. Since the age of 14 I have been studying politics and history with an eye to solutions for modern problems. Always active in trade organizations and political solutions I helped push for changes locally and nationally in many critical areas.

Windy and me at our house (upper left)

My first business at age 23  (upper right)

Some of my flowers this year

A lifelong Love of Nature 

 I grew up surrounded by nature... I embraced nature and interconnection at an early age. I have been walking the trails at the local Nature Preserve for over 45 yrs now....and I was there as a child when it started. I will always support simple open spaces where we can walk, relax and be surrounded by nature and the groups that make this possible. Our towns and villages should be starting to grow up, Not out. Vibrant thriving Villages and Towns surrounded by rural beauty and carefully maintained farmland is not a dream, Its a reality that makes sense and the communities that practice it are among the showplaces and destinations around the planet. The age of suburban sprawl is over, I've fought against it long before proof that it only costs more than it benefits taxpayers and the environment was shown. Now its time to make a difference, help America preserve its place as having some of the finest rural areas in the world.

A hike to the top of the counties highest peak

One core Career-Politics

 One career....Politics. 

I have always believed that hard work is good for body and soul and that we should never stop learning and improving our understanding of the world. I have owned a gas station, an auto repair shop, worked as a Nuclear Plant Inspector, run a Limousine Business, built and managed a Call Center for candidates including up to the President, Worked with a Master Gardener, done Genealogical Archival work and even worked as a Logger. Yet during all of it and stops along the way to travel and experience America I kept one thought in mind: I wanted to serve my country as an elected official. Not as a "politician" but as a champion and leader. As an American doing their part in the great experiment that is democracy. Not a cog in a broken machine and never beholden to anyone but the people who vote for and elect me. From the age of 14, through all those jobs my real goal was to learn all I could about Politics and how to fix broken government while preserving all that is great about our Local communities and Nation. Now it’s time to serve my Community; start in my own back yard and work to keep Local Politics Local. Let’s start fixing what is not working together, starting right here and now.

Family, Morals and Values

Nothing matters more to me than Family and maintaining a strong moral compass. Holding the high ground is not easy, but I have never wavered in my beliefs and my support for the things that really matter. Service, whether it is to one’s family or country matters. Helping others is how we grow and find ourselves. Spending time with our children is paramount and teaching them the joys of nature and society increases our own learning as well as theirs. Sitting down for dinner with our families can erase a day’s worth of smart phone distraction and meaningless marketing ploys. Our working families should never hurt for time together, Our Nation needs Common Sense labor laws that allow a person to work one job full time not 3 part-time to earn a fair living. It’s not about minimum wages, it’s about real jobs that a person can take pride in and rely on for the hours they need.



The picture to right is me making hay on my farm upstate some years ago, A wonderful time of my life.