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DONATE TODAY!  Support the Third party movement!

Please send a check for any amount; even $5 pays for mailings and supplies we are using up every day.

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Thank You! To those of you who have donated, Or are about to. It means a lot to me that you support what this site and my goals are about. Many of you I have met, and many I still hope to meet. But whether you got my message directly, on this site or through friends, your support here means that the message resonates and is finding Common Ground! Thank You! At this time donations are not political contributions. They are creator support for the movement and myself. I pledge to use 90% of all donations directly for support of the Common Sense 3rd Party movement. This means that only 10% will be used for personal expense and I will reduce that further as donations increase. That 90% goes toward Advertising, Web editors and Video editors, Promotions and Venue fees. I will also be posting budget updates about where your money goes. You the donor will always have the choice to support The Movement or Myself or Both.  Together we can do anything!!!!