Volunteering to support a Cause or Candidate can be life changing and the beginning of being part of government, not controlled by it. The rewards of meeting other like minded (and unlike minded) people runs to the core of our existence, forming bonds on common lines.  You will be out there making change happen while growing yourself.   Being part of the system will help you understand what is wrong with politics today, and see how so many great people are working to change and fix those problems. If you believe in Independent candidates who represent the people, Volunteer!  If you support Common Sense in Politics, Volunteer!  Its not about how much you can do, Its about the fact that you did Something!!!

Bumper Stickers are here! Show your support for Common Sense politics!

Please consider a donation or just ask and we will supply you with a sticker(s) for your car or anywhere!

High quality and water based glue. Show your support!

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