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Maybe Lime Kiln rd exit on rt84 would be a better place? And I'm in favor of Trucks...I've driven them. This is next to many Holmes residents and WILL effect traffic flow.Watch for updates

You didn't just have one job. We see it holds water. Getting the level wrong on a recreational lake? Serious problem!

Eco-Tourism and our Trails in Dutchess have become a point of discussion. I'm hiking and climbing them before I throw in more. Seen some problems already....

Go ahead Tommy, Play on it so its cleaner for other kids. Any wonder Holmes residents feel forgotten in Dutchess? Amazing what a picture does! Within weeks of me posting this the park was cleaned-a little.


I bring both a unique and complete set of qualifications to the office of Legislator. Throughout my life I have always been interested in and following politics, for many years as a Pollster listening in on the thoughts and opinions of millions across America. After that I owned businesses  and worked at jobs that connected face to face with 1000’s of everyday people to learn on the ground what we had to say as a country. I road tripped to California and back twice, connecting with people in as many states as I could. It all gave me great hope that we can work together and solve our problems from the ground up. I met a lot of great people who just wanted honest representation and the ability to earn a living and raise a family. From my very first business I was involved in exposing fraud and supporting consumers. Working with local and national groups I was many times a leader in new safety and consumer protection programs. I was also involved in the Chamber of Commerce helping drive more traffic into the village supporting other businesses. I have always been ready to step up and assume a position of leadership, And always willing to fight for Common Sense. I am very happy to be starting that movement right here in my own Dutchess County.


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