Ethics in Politics


Our towns and county have weak or non-existent ethics boards. We must have complete transparency and accountability in our government. You have the right to see and hear what issues are being considered and to have input on the decision process. Complete Agendas need to be posted well in advance of meetings to encourage public input.

Protecting our Rural Towns 


Eastern Dutchess county is a showcase of Rural Upstate NY. We must preserve our countryside while supporting business in our towns and villages. Taxes from out of control spending threaten our ability to live here. Keeping our tax money in our county and towns is critical to making Dutchess a place our children can afford to live

Preserving Rural heritage and farms


No Farms No food

We once were the breadbasket of NYC, now we have few working farms left in Dutchess county. I support right to farm laws and preserving open space. People come to our county to see what is left of a bygone farming era, we must strive to keep that and return viable farm land to use under the care of local farmers.

Senior Care 

Mental Health Substance Abuse


We face very real and challenging problems regarding drugs, suicide, and senior care in Dutchess county.

We need more clinics and health care professionals in our towns. And these services must be easily accessible to all.

Mental healthcare is one of the most serious issues facing America. But change starts HERE in our own towns across our own County where we can create local solutions and help people in need.

 Dean Gilbert working to be your representative and stop politics as usual.  COMMON SENSE-COMMON GROUND


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